Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 2012 Daring Bakers Challenge

THE DARING BAKERS' MARCH 2012 CHALLENGE: Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

Tiger bread... giraffe bread... dutch crunch bread,  what ever you call it it is yummy. 
This months challenge was to make Dutch Crunch bread and then make a sandwich with the bread you made.  Pretty easy.... or not.

This months challenge was hosted by Sara and Erica from Baking JDs and they did a great job!
I used the recipes just as they provided... will have time for experimentation later in the month.
My first attempt didn't rise like it was supposed to so I really thought it was a bust.  But after giving it a try... hey it was baked anyways... we found a dense yummy loaf.  I did come out more like a quick bread than a yeast bread with a heavier crumb and texture but it still tasted wonderful and made great sandwiches.

Started out like it should have. Nice smooth loaves.  
After a couple hours of rise they weren't very high but I decided to go with them anyways and added the topping. 

After baking, still not much noticeable rise. 
See the nice crackle on the topping though?! I'd say more giraffe than tiger...
We still ended up with some yummy sandwiches.  
Sliced chicken breast with brie, apples and spinach... YUM!

Overall I would say it that my breads didn't come out too badly but I wanted to give it another try. 

My ever present assistants kept trying to convince
me to make cheese bread.

 For my second try I used the same
recipe for the topping but for the bread I used a honey white bread that I found here.

The bread rose up beautifully in about an hour and baked up to a nice soft white loaf.

The honey didn't add any noticeable flavour.. may have to try adding more next time. 
Still got that great crackle on top too.
We didn't make sandwiches this time but had the bread slathered with butter with our breakfast for dinner that night. 

In both attempts I found the recipe for the topping made way too much for two loaves.  The second batch I tossed the extra in a jar in the fridge and we'll see how it holds over for another day.
Thanks Sara and Erica... great job on hosting!  Was a fun challenge!


  1. Great job with the challenge, and extra kudos to you for giving it a second try. I'm a big fan of the brie + apple combination, too -- your sandwich sounds great!

  2. Thanks for your post, I'm inspired to try it - I love that crunchy topping.